Creating a character in Beyonder


The first of an occasional series on character creation

This post describes some of the basic character types you can choose in Beyonder. In future posts we’ll go deeper, describing ways to make more complex and nuanced characters.

If you want a fast and easy way to generate a character, go to “Make Your Character with an Adventure” MYCA ©. Follow our “choose your own adventure” story; your choices will determine everything including your Race, Guild, basic stats, and abilities (your Talents and Powers).  You’ll end up with a character that really reflects your preferences. (Don’t believe us?  Try it!  It takes about five minutes.)

If you would like to tailor-make your character, use our QuickGen ©. QuickGen lets you pick and choose parts of your character, and then fills in the details.  For example, when you choose your Guild and interests, the system will determine the Powers that you need.  In only a few minutes you will have a fully fleshed out character with all of the details worked out for you.

Here are some basic character types, as well as the Races that work best for each (when applicable) and the Guilds that will help them to develop their Skills.

  • Social:  Social characters are leaders. Humans excel at social interactions, although you can be a social character of any Race.  Skills to concentrate on are Communication, Deception, Insight, and Leadership. You can be a member of any Guild.

  • Fighting:  Fighters do damage; “tanks” soak up damage as well as doing some damage themselves. Combat casters use Powers, not just weapons.  You will do best with a large Race:  crawn, ishiri, ushen.  Recommended skills:  Melee Combat and Ranged Combat. Choose whatever Guild you prefer.

  • Stealth: Good for spying, scouting, and generally lurking about. Choose a small Race like a dwaheely or wellyn, join the Umbrist Guild, and concentrate on the Stealth Talent.

  • Crowd Control: The Guilds that have specialties in crowd control are Charismatics and Mentarchs. For this character type, you can be any Race. If you want to control groups of people and help your party, get Charismatic Powers such as Group Tactics or Emotional Net, or any of the Boost Powers for Mentarchs.

  • Healers:  Several Guilds teach healing, but if you want to specialize in healing others as well as yourself, be a Mystic. Charismatics can do temporary Faith Healing; Evokers can heal objects.   Members of any Race can be a Mystic, but ushen and heola excel at it.

We hope this helps you to get started!  You can always find more info at our website at FNB Games.

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