The Crown of Drawnwyn, Part 4: The Crown after the Fall of Samron

I will continue with my very short summary of the history of the Crown of Drawnwyn: what happened to the Crown after Samron’s defeat, and the death of Drawnwyn herself. — Achrovach, Ushen Teller of History.

As I mentioned in my previous essay, once Drawnwyn was presented with the Crown she trained herself to wield its power, and then used it to defeat her grandfather Samron in one of the great battles of the last several millennia.

Once Samron had been defeated, Drawnwyn established the Council of the Tamarran Continent (widely known as the Council of Drawnwyn), a federation of most nations of the Continent. Her goal was to protect, for years to come, the freedom that had been wrestled away during Samron’s tyranny.

General Maszzik Szaskar

Drawnwyn continued to use the Crown after Samron’s defeat, establishing a new kind of rulership over Tamarra.  More importantly, she used the Crown in her fight against the First Nulentian Invasion (SP~3,743 – 3,760).  When Drawnwyn died, the Nulentians had not yet been defeated.  She had anticipated this, and had arranged for her greatest general, Maszzik Szaskar,the crawn master of war, to take possession of the Crown and to use it to complete the destruction of the Nulentian invaders.

Once the Nulentians had been defeated, another war began – this one to determine who, from the alliances that brought down Samron, would become the owner of the Crown of Drawnwyn. Each grasping ruler hoped to become the next head of the Council of Tamarra, and perhaps the next despot to rule over the continent.  However, in anticipation of this Maszzik and Drawnwyn had put a plan in place.

Soon after the victory celebrations were over, Maszzik declared himself to be the interim head of the Council.  This position would last three months, during which a new leader of the Council would be determined. Three months to the day after that announcement, it was discovered that Maszzik was gone  – as was the Crown.  The uproar was immediate and ferocious, and a new leader, the crawn emperor Sssessahh, was soon installed as Head of the Council of Drawnwyn. However, the most powerful artifact on the Continent, the Crown, could not be found and so the position was, for many years, of little consequence as the Councel had devolved into little more than a loose confederation of states and kingdoms. As for Maszzik, it is still unknown to this day where he spent his final years.

The Crown itself remained out of sight for the next seven centuries. During the first few of these centuries the Council was more of an honorary organization, having little real power. However, several catastrophic events brought the Council together with common need and it once again gained strength growing in stature and trust among its members. In the year SP~4,486, the Crown was was re-discovered almost by chance, in the possession of a wandering kamari bard in the Quay city of Qua Enna. The Crown, which was intact, was quickly, and easily, taken from the bard, and came into the possession of Ado, a powerful ishiri king.  Though Ado possessed the crown, she did not know how to use it, and, in fact, none have since Drawnwyn. The knowledge of how to control the Crown and its Eyes had been lost. Even so the threat of its use was frequently sufficient to make the enemies of the current owner fear her or him.

In the year SP~4,525 the Crown was broken during a battle in the Great Western Forest.  Though none of the seven Eyes or the base were destroyed, they were each separated from the Crown itself.  It would take a powerful Energetic force to break apart these elements and it is not entirely clear what this force was.  However, there were a number of credible accounts that a fire beast* made a sudden entrance during the course of the battle.  Ignoring the armies on both sides, it went straight for the Crown, snatched it up into its mouth, launched itself into the air, and in a fierce blaze of fire exhaled it in pieces, scattering it for many miles across the wooded lands.

The accounts are clear that the base of the Crown and each of the seven Eyes survived the breath of the fire beast (no small feat in itself), but they have remained scattered, and separated, since then.

* Could it have been a flamen?

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