The Crown of Drawnwyn, Part 5: Location of the Crown, Recent Rumors

Achrovach, Teller of History

“I will conclude this series about the Crown of Drawnwyn by discussing rumors about the current whereabouts of the base of the Crown and its seven Eyes, each separated from the others.” — Achrovach, Ushen Teller of History.

It is believed, with some level of certainty, that the base of the Crown of Drawnwyn is now possessed by Bardan Mamfrost, a human, and one of the richest folk on the Continent. Bardan owns many homes and properties throughout Tamarra, including a luxurious compound on the First Tier of Naldrin City.  Most speculation concurs that the base of the Crown is being kept in this compound; a number of reports say that Bardan is hoping to reassemble all the parts of the Crown.  According to these same rumors, he is offering a rich reward for each of the Seven Eyes, and he may already have one or two of them in his possession.

There are many rumors about the location of the Eye of Edet, which works with Soman Energy.  Many powerful (and not so powerful) warriors claim to have found this Eye.  Of course, they have also claimed that the Eye has made them into the single finest warrior of the Continent.  These rumors seem to be much more about bravado than fact, and none are taken seriously.  However, there is reason to believe that the Eye of Edet may be in the possession of one of the crawn leaders in the Kingdom of the Szaskar Crawn, in the northeastern part of the continent.  Substantive rumors of powerful Soman feats have passed out of this typically closed-mouth society.

The Eye of Amdrath, which works with Emotion Energy, is also the subject of many rumors.  There are far too many to consider here; however, the thread of truth throughout most of them indicates that this Eye is currently in the possession of a powerful leader on the Tamarran Continent.  If so, it makes a great deal of sense that this leader would dearly want to hide that fact, given the lengths that others would go to in order to possess it.

Perhaps the most persistent rumor is that the Eye of Mark, the Eye aligned with Shadow Energy, has been hidden somewhere in the Shadow Plane. There it is accessible only to those with sufficient power, not only to enter this strange plane of existence, but also to navigate it.  Some say that a blink bat* may have taken this Eye into the Shadow Plane and lost it there.

What of the other Eyes?  There are too many rumors and too much hearsay to recount.  However, there are frequent mentions of places on the continent where the Eyes may yet be found.  The list includes the Merrill Gorge (the deep and wide cut in the surface of Ethem), Martown, and the Delfan Mines.

All that remains to say is this: if you decide to search for the Crown or one of its Eyes, good luck and safe travels!

* Blink bats are those small, bat-like creatures that have the ability to blink out of existence in one place and immediately reappear somewhere else.

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