Gear in Beyonder: Armor, Part 1

What’s in your Travel Sack? Preventing Damage!

We’re going to focus on Armor for next two posts about items in Beyonder.  First up: Defense and Soak, the two big system factors involved in preventing damage. The next installment will discuss items like shields and armor, which you can use to improve on your baseline toughness.

Before you can figure out what you need to protect yourself, you have to understand Defense Ratings (DRs) and Soak.  As you probably know by now, when you make a roll against someone in Beyonder it is compared to an appropriate DR or to a target number.  There are three main DRs: 1. Inner Defense (ID), 2. Ethereal Defense (ED), and 3. Outer Defense (OD). The higher the value of that DR, the better you are at defending yourself.  

  1. ID is used in cases related to your willpower, such as a situation in which someone is trying to convince you to do something against your  will.
  2. ED is used when something affects your connection to the Energies. When you channel a Power, for example, your ED determines how draining that is for you.  
  3. OD is used to protect you from physical harm such as heat, disease, and the like.
    • Another DR, Combat Defense (CD), is related to OD. CD is a combination of how tough you are to hurt and how hard you are to hit. It is calculated by subtracting your Size from your OD.  That is to say, if you are size(2) your CD is 2 less than your OD; if you are size(-2) your CD is 2 more than your OD.  Basically, big things are easier to hit than small things.  

You might be asking yourself, “Self, shouldn’t big tough creatures be able to withstand more damage?”  The answer is yes, they often are. In Beyonder, that is represented by their Soak.  Soak represents how much damage is negated, or soaked up, by a creature’s natural toughness. For example the Kerchet, a very small creature, has a CD bonus of +12 (which represents how hard it is to hit), but its Soak is only 2.   On the other hand a Hermit Squid, which can grow to the size of a house, has a CD of +3 but a Soak of +9.

Well, folks, that’s a lot to take in. Let’s take a quick break here and let that simmer for a while. Next time we will finish exploring armor, shields and accouterments. Until then, stay safe!

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