GERC: The Energetic Experimental Group (EEG)

by Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Harmon 43, SP~5,022

The Energetic Experimental Group is the most pointedly – often abstractly – academic group of the GERC divisions. The EEG comprises Channels from every Guild, as well as a considerable number of non-Channels in clerical positions, and its top researchers are among the best and brightest on the Tamarran Continent.

The breadth of EEG research is wide; some groups cover practical subjects such as the discovery of new Powers and Power Effects, or new Effects to imbue into Energetic items. Other groups cover purely theoretical research; this includes the underpinnings of the Six Energies and how they interact in the world around us (what allows plants to be controlled by Spirit and bodies by Body, and where is the dividing line? Is it possible to control tree-gendered kamaris with either? Is there a theoretical limit to the number of Barriers one can transcend?). There are also groups that cover just… weird stuff:  what happens if you use telepathy on an Unkind Place? If you use Physic/Body to turn part of a tree into meat, could you control that tree with Body?

A good example of “out there” research is the Shadow Gate Network Project (SGNP), which started in the year SP~5,002 and continues today, twenty years later.  The project examines dimensional gates, which, connect two places in space that are some distance from each other, allowing folk to enter one side of the gate and immediately appear on the other.  But, what exactly is inside  the gate itself?  Is there actually nothing there?  Or, as many on the SGNP team believe, is there an Energy Realm outside of normal space that might itself be visited?  There is anecdotal evidence (actually quite a bit of it) about blink bats that enter a naturally occurring D-Gate, but do not exit from the other side for many minutes, or even hours or days.  It has been said that a number of these blink bats have simply come back out the side they entered, sometimes with a companion blink bat in tow.  Stay tuned as this group makes progress!

The current head of the EEG is Ipchirix Telek-iv-telt, a dwaheely Mentarch/Evoker from the mountains off the coast of the Rimgissel Ocean. While most EEG researchers agree that Ipchirix is a bit… odd, they also agree that she is phenomenally talented as a researcher. She retains vast troves of knowledge and connects information between disparate fields as deftly as a weaver pulls together threads.

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