GERC: Materials Development Division (MDD)

by Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Tasz 4, SP~5,021

Like it or not, the MDD is known best for the flashy minority of what they do: the development of Energetic items, anything from Power-imbued stones to a diving sphere that can transport travelers thousands of feet under the surface of the ocean without being crushed by the pressure. They do create some truly miraculous items, to be sure, but their impact on the day-to-day life of Tamarran citizens has been vastly greater in their development of new materials for weapons, construction of homes, and so on. The MDD is singlehandedly responsible for the buildings in Tarnath that are stable at nine or ten stories, for the ability to produce steel cheaply and quickly – for any number of small things that most people use every day without even noticing.

Perhaps the most notable of the MDD’s everyday improvements is the cross-continental hammool rail system that spans the Tamarran continent. Hammools are animals native to the Plains of Frestehal that have been widely used by both the guilds and some commercial transportation organizations for their use on the rails. They average about 30 feet tall and 20 feet across, with eight sturdy, pole-like legs and skin that looks more or less brownish-grayish until you get up to it and see that it’s actually covered with a layer of fine scales, each a subtly different color. Their stocky heads droop like a necklace between their front legs, only extending slightly beyond the rest of their bodies. Hammools are immensely strong, and rail-runners (as they are called) are shod with particular metal shoes that allow them to float with almost no resistance over the rails, and tack that reduces the weight of whatever they carry. This allows them to port tons of goods cross-continentally in a matter of days. This alone has revolutionized the way commerce works on the Tamarran continent. But hey, y’know, feel free to fixate on the cool fire-shooting wand the MDD made and ignoring the larger structural changes they’ve made, that’s fine.

The current head of the MDD is Kuma-nev-nev-Lanu, an ishiri Evoker from rural villages bordering on the icy wastes to the north. He is unusually short for an ishiri – perhaps 5’5″ – and quite stout. He is widely recognized as one of the best sculptors in Naldrin, where he now lives, and his ability to manipulate materials with Physic is perhaps even more masterful than his sculpting.

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