GERC: Mnemonic Division and Division of Geographic and Fexoanatomical Surveys and Research

by Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Kalkix 53, SP~5,021

The Guild Energetic Research Coalition is commonly referred to as the GERC – that’s GURK, not JERK – and is the largest research organization on Tamarra by a long sight. In the coming months of blog entries we’ll be giving some details of its various and sundry departments. Find below the Mnemonic Division, a Mentarch-heavy group that is the memory of the GERC, and the DGFSR, a rather heftily named group that researches the natural phenomena of the planet.

Mnemonic Division

The Mnemonic Division (“Mnems,” pronounced “nems,” for short) comprises Mentarchs who specialize in memory. Depending on the individual member, this can serve different purposes: some mnems memorize vast libraries of books so that the information therein cannot be easily lost. Others remember and catalogue languages, or song, or any number of other anthropological bodies of knowledge. Many mnems focus on remembering the world around them; skilled mnems could repeat to you, verbatim, a conversation they heard offhand three months ago. They could tell you what color eyes the fourth fish merchant in the market had on the first Tuesday of last year. Truly exceptional members in this group can remember quite literally everything that happens to them, with no gaps in memory even while they’re sleeping – they have a continuous, completely unbroken mnemonic narrative of their lives from the time they achieved this state. A very select few mnems can remember not just what happens to them, but what happens in the area around them – they tap continuously into the consciousnesses of others near them to gain a picture of the world from many perspectives.

Members of the Mnemonic Division also study Powers that allow them to transfer memories to others, so that their collections will not be lost; some members called Vessels act solely as a kind of storage units for the order. They don’t make any effort to remember their own lives, instead absorbing the memories given to them by every other member of the division. Because of this knowledge transfer, mnems who specialize in own-life memory are valuable assets to many GERC divisions, most notably to the Sojourners, a division that deals with exploration of unexplored territories. They can act as living records of everything that expeditions discover while in the field, and transmit this to researchers who weren’t in the field for later analysis.

The current head of the Mnems is Torwwal Vvok, a Naldrin-born dwarf Mentarch. Vvok is intimately involved with both the Sojourners and Acquisitions and Archival; he has spent the past several years working to train expedition-ready journalers, and record the most important works in the Vault in the memories of his division.

Division of Geographic and Fexoanatomical Surveys and Research

The DGFSR – other GERC members usually just call them “Geo” instead of the alphabet soup that is their name – is a group that focuses on mapping and characterizing the so-called anatomy of our planet. Ethem is not just a hunk of dirt and water that we happen to live on; It is a hibernating being from one of the first ages of the universe. It has what Geo has coined “Hearts,” or areas where Energies seem to ebb and surge in regular pulses over the year. A “Lung” has recently been discovered under the Kellith Sea – a pocket of air that somehow stays intact despite being under the pressure of thousands of feet of water. Everyone on Tamarra has heard of the “Spines” that cross the oceans on either side of the continent, creating Energetic turbulence and violent weather that renders them near impassable to ships.

The current division head of Geo is Tesch Hooper, a human Charismatic who had been working in the Energetic Experimental Group – the GERC’s most pointedly pure research group – for years before being promoted directly into the position of Geo division head. While he’s only been there a few years, many Geo researchers resent him for jumping the ranks like that; he is a fairly competent administrator, and is trying to learn about their area of research, but his promotion smacks of internal politicking.

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