GERC: Voices Division

by Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Central Guilds, Tarnath

Harmon 27, SP~5,022

Voices are the GERC’s diplomats, as well as their experts in linguistics and culture. The Voices are the smallest GERC division, with only a scant few dozen members; their skill set requires an extent of training that many other divisions don’t. This begins with linguistics – Voices almost invariably have Barriers in Mentarch, Soman, and Charismatic. Mental allows them to memorize a vast number  of languages, while Body allows them to modify their vocal tracts and mouths to pronounce sounds specific to different races: the Dwarven vvo, the four sibilances of the Crawn language Szastak, and more. They then move to cultural training, learning the fine-grained nuance of cities, kingdoms, and tribes up and down the continent. Emotion comes in later on, when they are trained to protect themselves against Energetic persuasion and to read others – but never using Powers to convince others.

This last point is particularly important: Voices swear a strict oath never to directly influence anyone through Energetic means. This means they can broker agreements – from trade agreements to truces between nations – while maintaining the trust of all parties that they are using nothing more than their words. They will also know if someone else tries to influence the agreement.

Most accounts agree that the Voices began with the diplomacy of Drawnwyn, the daughter of perhaps the most influential single figure in Tamarra’s history – Emperor Samron, who began with good intentions and went absolutely insane. Drawnwyn trained Garrett Taborlain, the first “Guild diplomat” in her time on the throne. Garrett went on to train future generations of diplomats, and the GERC began funding their linguistic research in the early 4900s. By SP~4940 they were officially folded into the coalition. Because of this coevolution, though, the Voices maintain some purposeful distance from the Guilds in order to reinforce the idea of their neutrality.

The current head of the Voices is Vissaz Nezl, a crawn Mentarch/Soman who spent years as a spearman in the crawn army before defecting to the GERC. Nezl ardently believes that war is never a foregone conclusion, and that with the right communication any conflict can be averted.

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