Hello from Flying NightBear Games

If you’ve been here before, welcome back!  If you’re new to the blog, here’s some of what you’ll see in the weeks and months to come.

In upcoming posts we, the FNB Games partners and friends, will give you a glimpse into the Beyonder world.  Jordan will explore the rules of Beyonder, and show you how to make your character increasingly powerful and nuanced.  Simon will introduce you to some of the more powerful organizations on the Tamarran Continent, such as the Guilds (each of which is aligned with one of the Six Energies in the world).  Caleb will talk about the Guild Energetic Research Coalition (the GERC), which leads Guild work on the science of the Six Energies, and the social disparities of Tamarra.  Robin will discuss the history of the Tamarran Continent, its peoples and places, particularly the Ten Races, which are central to much of the current activity on the continent.  We will also talk about the Six Energies themselves: Emotion, Mental, Body, Physic, Spirit, and Shadow.

We invite you to join a journey that began around our dining room table over two decades ago, when Robin introduced Beyonder to his three sons: Simon (then 11), Caleb (7), and Jacob (4).  (Flashback: Robin created Beyonder many years before, when he played with his friends and family.) He introduced it to his sons, who loved it, and were soon playing with their friends, including Jordan.

You may have recognized the names of the FNB partners in those original players! They have all played Beyonder since that day. The game has evolved; the rules have become more mature and robust (with all the years we have played, we estimate that we’re now on the 47th edition of the rule set!). The world in which Beyonder takes place has been fully fleshed out, with a history, a geography (including a great map of the Tamarran Continent), and a rich set of creatures and characters that populate it.  All that’s missing now is you!

We’re interested in knowing what you would like to see in these pages. Get in touch.  Tell us what you want to know and what questions you have about the game and about the Beyonder world.

Thanks for joining us – let’s get started!


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