How to Moderate a Role-Playing Game, Part 5: Character Generation

By Jordan Campbell, Director of Game Development, Flying NightBear Games

Follow this series of blog posts on moderating a role-playing game, with specifics about Beyonder. Your own fantastic adventures lie ahead!

Creating a Character

At FNB Games, we have done our best to simplify the often daunting and time-consuming process of creating a character. We have a variety of methods that you and your players can use to generate characters (CharGen for short).  

Make Your Character with an Adventure (MYCA)

pictue of MYCA page in rule bookThis method is ideal for players new to Beyonder or to RPGs as a whole.  MYCA leads you through a story about your character-to-be; at crucial junctures you are asked to make decisions on behalf of the character.  At the end of the story all of the technical details will be worked out for you, and you will be presented with a character, including Race, Guild, basic stats, Talents, and Powers.  MYCA is available both in our rulebook Beyonder: Science of the Six, and on the Builder section of our website.  If you are using the book you will need a character sheet to record things as you go.

Custom-Make Your Character (CYC)

This requires a little more understanding of the workings of the game, so it may be a bit overwhelming for new players without any guidance.  However, it allows for more direct control over the outcome of the character, so if the player has an idea of what they want to build you may want to help guide them through this process instead.

The book walks you through the CYC process, step by step, and you may want to acclimate yourself by building a few characters of your own before guiding your players through the process.

Using our online system to Custom-Make Your Character (CYC)

If you use our online CYC,  you have a few options for how much you want to get your hands dirty vs how much you want to have done for you.

  • “Off the Rack” provides a list of premade characters that you can use.  You give the character a name, and you’re ready to go.  
  • Quick Choice allows you to make a few selections, such as your character’s Race, Guild and Guild School, Organization, and Homeland, and fills in details for you including Talents, Powers, Defense Ratings, etc.  
  • The full CYC lets you hand-pick every aspect of your character.  Choose each Power or make up your own from scratch.  Allocate points to each Talent, or decide to increase your Wealth rating instead.  You decide exactly how to distribute points to your Affinities to the six Energies.  You control every detail.  This can be a time-consuming process until you get used to it, but it can also be a lot of fun.  I have spent hours creating characters that were never played just for the fun of it.

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