Organizations: Wind and Silence

“If you have the courage to change the world, and the strength to do it…to move like the wind, without a sound…think of the Wind and Silence.”

    — Found on fliers posted throughout Naldin City, Tarnath, and some parts of the Region of Jowea during the early days of the month of Dollano, SP~5,021

Wind and Silence Exposed!

— Odo Wellobra, Naldrin City News, winner of the Aydilly Award for Excellence in Reporting

Naldrin City, Dollano 45, SP~5,021 — We at the Naldrin City News have written frequently about the organization known as “Wind and Silence” (W&S).  Readers may recall the strong evidence we presented linking W&S to the Dwarf Clan Disputes and the Invasion of the Undying Lands in SP~5,009:  W&S was apparently working for most, if not all, of the dwarf clans in uncovering the military capabilities and strategies of each of the other clans.  It was notable that W&S was able to unearth the most intimate details from each clan.  Perhaps more notable was their ability to then sell those secrets to every other clan, thus getting quite a bit more than “double duty” for each of their efforts.

Our publication went on record as claiming that this was basically a money-making enterprise by Wind and Silence, keeping the warring parties on more or less equal footing, so that this terrible conflict continues to this very day. A number of smaller dwarf clans from the area have countered that claim, stating that W&S has kept them alive in their struggle to be free.  In spite of this backlash from the southern dwarf clans (and the pronounced lack of interest from our readers in any news from the southern half of our Continent!), we stand by our original story.

In this same spirit of revealing the truth, we at NCN have discovered that Wind & Silence is working closely with the dwarven Council Member Druwakk Akkarrn, one of the wealthiest citizens of Naldrin City, for unknown purposes.  Though she denies it to our reporters, it is clear that Councilor Akkarrn covets the position of leader of the Council of Drawnwyn.  We ask our readers: can Akkarn’s purposes, in support of her enormous ambitions, be anything other than nefarious?

Stay tuned to these pages over the next weeks as we reveal more of the dark underpinnings that surround this story.

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