Organizations: The Negotiators

Join the Negotiators — Change the World with Words!

Kissalki Methreeis, Chief Negotiator for the United Wellyn Clans of Tamarra’s Western Forests, Council of Drawnwyn, Naldrin City

“The sword is the tool of the brute, who has no other means to solve his problems than to kill all who disagree with him.  If you want to fight a battle of ideas, one which truly changes the course of the world, you do so in words.”

— Kissalki Methreeis, Chief Negotiator for the United Wellyn Clans of Tamarra’s Western Forests, Council of Drawnwyn, Naldrin City

Citizens of Tamarra, The Negotiators calls upon you to show our continent your true fortitude and purpose: join us in working for a better world! The use of weapons and war are no more than brute force, and are irrelevant in fighting the true battle for the hearts and minds of the peoples of this, our dear continent.

The Negotiators fight in ways that make the greatest difference to our world.  And often, we win:

In SP~5,017, just five years ago, a small group of Negotiators travelled to the Merrill Gorge, the great chasm created during the most recent earthshake and the center of the Wars of Above and Below.  Descending into that cut in the Fekxtah’s crust,  our courageous Negotiators came upon the Memmorrall, a race of powerful diggers with a strong bond to Soman Energy who “see” using echolocation through stone.  The Memmorrall had been sworn to destroy all creatures descending from the Above world.  But our Negotiators quickly gained understanding of the customs and the complaints of these gentle creatures, and now they have set aside all war with us and our kind. Sadly, two of our fine Negotiators were deeply wounded during this battle of wills, and one eventually perished from these wounds. This is not rare.  But do we stop?  No!  We hold these Negotiators in honor for their sacrifices and their courage, and we move on.

Sometimes reason cannot prevail, as we learned just months ago, when we met with several hundred shem amaum*.  We quickly discovered they had no capacity for reasoning and no sympathy for any other creature.  They obey only the directions of their masters, whoever they might now be, and their own innate lust for the destruction and death of all living things. Many who read our accounts in the news journals of our Continent counted this as a failure culminating in the death of a number of fine Negotiators.  However, we acquired more knowledge of  about the shem amaum — their customs and their weaknesses, and we will use this going forward. We will never take the coward’s way of wielding primitive weapons of war!

Have we inspired you? Do you have the courage it takes to walk into danger without a weapon?  The skill to wield words with force and precision under the most difficult of circumstances?  If so, and if you wish to create a unified and prosperous Tamarran Continent where all folk can live their lives in peace and in harmony with each other, then become one of us.  Become a Negotiator!

— Poster found in Tarnath, Naldrin City, and the Region of Jowea

* These are the cruel and merciless monsters brought to Tamarra over thirty years ago by invading Nulentians.

Organizations: Six as One

Zeshra Ezzit, 1st Lieutenant

It is the policy of the Guilds to stay out of the political, economic, and military affairs of the governments of Tamarra. While they may be quite powerful in their own way, they could not stand on their own if they angered a nation. And, of course, the Guilds aspire to be a home to all Channels, regardless of their nationality or allegiance.

Six as One is stoutly opposed to this idea.

Six as One is made up of Channels who believe that Channels should rule the continent. They believe their superior ability to learn new things and improve their abilities by accumulating essence makes them better-fit to run companies, organizations, and even governments, than their “mundane” brethren.

While many in the Guilds disagree with them, the Guilds have as one of their core tenets the free exchange of information, ideas, and opinions. Most Channels oppose the Six as One’s ideology, but their argument has a certain logic that they cannot entirely dismiss. So while they are not happy about such talk, the Guilds let it continue, and do their best to repair any strain it might put on relations with non-Channel organizations. The Guildhouses in Naldrin, for example, had their members expelled from the city for a brief period in SP ~ 5012, after Six as One members used their bodies and a variety of powers to create a blockade around a charity ball to raise funds for a Mayor’s reelection.

Unsurprisingly, Six as One is not beloved by non-Channels. Six as One treats them like children: they are generally benevolent, but incredibly patronizing. Non-Channels have a wide range of reactions to this, depending on the individual, ranging from annoyed but dismissive to violently furious.

Six as One has been known to hold demonstrations at a variety of events held by both Guild and non-Guild organizations. While these demonstrations are always peaceful to start, there have been times when someone in the crowd becomes angry enough to turn violent. The results are … unpleasant. One such event in of the Kingdom Szaskar Crawn left twelve Channels dead and thirty wounded. This does not include the Crawn who were killed or injured when the Channels began to defend themselves.

The members of Six as One have always tried to protest peacefully. However, there are rumors that the organization contains a secret, extremist faction that is dedicated to achieving the supremacy of Channels by any means necessary. Rumors say that they have infiltrated governments and other groups using Charismatics and Mentarchs. Some believe that they are also responsible for the disappearance of certain convoys on Tamarra’s great roadways. Six as One is always quick to point out that raiding parties of Shem Amuam (cruel and merciless monsters brought to Tamarra over thirty years ago by invading Nulentians) are a far more plausible explanation. These are, of course, just rumors — no real evidence has ever been produced. The rest of this organization has both denied that this faction exists, and condemned any actions such a group might theoretically take.

Organizations: The DU

So You Want to be a Diplomat

Shangrai Thotrar, Grand Diplomat, Southern Dwarf

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Diplomatic Union (DU).  This pamphlet has been Energetically attuned to be readable only by someone who has been given the access code, so you must have passed the first set of tests.  Well done, you’re still alive!

You may be asking yourself: What is the DU? We like to think of ourselves as pragmatic realists.  We see a problem, we find a solution, and we follow through.  We neither encourage nor shy away from violence; if it is the best tool for the job we use it and if not, we don’t.   When the leaders of Naldrin City are deciding whether to send an army to flush the Scarecrows out once and for all, the DU is there to guide the talks.  We’re also there when rival gangs are fighting over ownership of a neighborhood in Tarnath, or when emotions are escalating because rival generals of the Crawn nation each feel they have a claim to commanding the army.  And if someone (or a few someones) end up dead or find themselves having an unexpected change of opinion, the result of which is greater peace and happiness, who could blame us?

Just as important, let us say what the DU is not.  Many with narrowed vision can’t see the difference between us and the Negotiators, but we are not pacifists too frightened to do what needs to be done.  Nor are we street thugs or military drones like the Open Hand or the Mercenary’s Confederation.  We do not hide in the shadows, frightened of being discovered, like the cowards of Wind and Silence or the oh-so-mysterious Unnamed Organization.  Lastly, we are not like the Six-as-One — fanatical idealists who are so blinded by their own belief in their innate superiority that they cannot think clearly.

As a member of the DU, you will be sent on missions of the utmost importance.  The world balances on the edge of a razor, and you have the power to push it in the right direction.  Your actions could determine the fate of political figures, whole armies, entire nations, or even the entire continent of Tamarra.  

You follow in the footsteps of many great Diplomats.  No one knows when the DU was founded, but we do know who founded it:  one of the greatest minds of all time, a Dwaheely known only as Dkel, who was a master of Mental Energy on a scale the world may not have seen since.  He realized that the masses are unfit to decide the fate of society: those with the knowledge and skill to see what is best must guide the world.  Since then, many great thinkers, often with a gift for either Mental or Emotion Energy, and sometimes both, have joined the ranks of the DU.  There is not space here to list them all; after your training begins, you will soon have them committed to memory.  

A thought will soon come to you — it will contain the time and location of your next training.  After that, there is no turning back: be sure you have the strength of will and courage to uphold the responsibility of a true Diplomat.  If you do not arrive at that location at that exact time, your memory of this pamphlet and all previous tests will be erased, and you can go about your life as you did before, blind to the truth.  But if you have what it takes, you will soon learn to bend the strands of fate to your will.  We expect great things from you.

-Grand Diplomat Shangrai Thotrar, Southern Dwarf

The Ten Races: An Introduction to the Crawn

Although the crawns’ strong affinity with Body Energy makes them able fighters, they can, and do, choose many other kinds of pursuits.  Most crawn love order and discipline in their lives and their societies, and tend to be methodical and cautious in their decision-making.  They are known for their exceptional courage and their willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, or simply for those they love and to whom they are loyal. Their sense of loyalty and order make crawn good companions for explorations and adventures, and good friends generally.

Crawn_Rework_Architecture+copyPhysically, the crawn tend to be six to seven feet tall and lithe, with a scaly, snake-like body and a high serpentine head.  They are strong and dexterous with both weapons and tools.  In addition, they have a vicious bite that can be used in close-quarters combat.

Although not all crawn are warriors or members of a military group, they certainly have a proclivity for it.  Many of the mightiest kingdoms of the Tamarran Continent were formed as the result of conquest by crawn armies.  Their sense of order and discipline are useful not only for conquering lands, but also for retaining and ruling them.  Those who live under crawn rule very often appreciate the stability, abundant food, and safety that come with it.  Several of the largest kingdoms on the continent are ruled by crawn, including the Kingdom of the Szaskar Crawn in the northeast and the Karrin Crawn Lands in the northwest.

Although crawn love dry, arid places, and tend to inhabit the continent’s deserts, they are spread far and wide across all of Tamarra.  There is a crawn presence in every major city and even in some of the farmlands of the north.  The only places where they are unlikely to settle are the mountains of the continent, where it is not easy to make a long, uninterrupted sprint, and the Lochuum Plains in the south, which they find overabundant in vegetation.

Crawn are generally more comfortable as members of a nation or kingdom, where they have a specific role in society.  However, some crawn find themselves unable to live in a larger community, where their sense of order may conflict with the existing laws.  They tend to live an almost hermit-like existence, and are often found in vast deserts such as the Frestehal Plains.

Perhaps the most interesting crawn society is a group called the Szennid, who have developed amazing abilities, using Body Energy to change their appearance.  In this changed state they are able to maintain their natural affinities with Body Energy and physical Talents, while effectively disguising themselves as members of other Races or creatures.  It is extremely difficult to spot a powerful Szennid in disguise:  it requires the highest skills in identifying Body Energy signatures, down to the deepest level.

Stay tuned…we’ll have more about this group, and about other crawn societies, in future blogs!