The Ten Races: An Introduction to the Kamari

The kamari are often referred to by the other Ten Races (and other sentient creatures of the Tamarran Continent) as the greenskeepers. They have a deep love of forests and all the flora that inhabit them. They are a free-spirited people who prize life and laughter, and they value their independence.

Kamari_Finish_3Kamari love for the natural world, and the woodlands in particular, is a part of their ancient lineage: they are one of the Ten Races descended from the ancient Elzheni race.  The Elzheni lived during the Second Era of the current Fifth Age of the World (we currently live in the Third Era of that same Age of the World).  Each race descended from the Elzheni (the kamari, heola, ishiri, and zweyjen) inherited some unique quality from their Elzheni ancestors.  We’ll talk more about the ancient Elzheni in a separate blog post.

The physical makeup of kamari closely resembles the forests that they love so much.  They are tall and lanky, with skin and hair the texture of small roots and branches or tree bark.  Their coloring is a mix of many hues of brown and green.  All of this combines to give kamari a natural camouflage in their forest surroundings.  When you add to this their extraordinary quickness and skill with weapons of all kinds (they are without parallel among the Ten Races for their use of ranged weapons, such as a bow), they are a formidable foe to any who might make the mistake of invading their lands.

Perhaps the most distinctive physical characteristic of the kamari is that, unlike any of the other Ten Races, they have three genders; male, female, and tree.  These trees, while conscious and sentient, appear ordinary to anyone who is not able to speak with plants. Tree offspring are created when male and female kamari pollinate the tree; months later, their “child” sprouts from the ground.  (We recommend that you do not create a character that is a tree kamari, unless your idea of an exciting adventure is having birds make nests in your hair!)

It is not surprising that kamari make their homes in forests throughout the Tamarran Continent.  It is estimated that there are hundreds of kamari tribes in the vast reaches of the Great Western Forests alone.  Although they love wooded lands, kamari can also be found in every major city.  Even in urban settings their houses are often filled with plants, and the outside of their homes may have trees or vines growing up the sides.

The kamari have a strong tribal structure.  This is most pronounced in the forests, where the territories of different kamari tribes are clearly demarcated and infringements of those boundaries are met with fast opposition.  In the cities of the continent, where they live within a more informal community with their fellow kamari, those tribal structures often break down.

There are many tales to tell of kamari tribes, of exploits comedic, deadly serious, and brave.  We will cover those in upcoming blogs.

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