The Crown of Drawnwyn, Part 1: The Seven Eyes

— Achrovach, Ushen Teller of History

The Crown of Drawnwyn is one of the most powerful artifacts in our world. It was given to the great leader Drawnwyn almost fifteen hundred years ago to help her defeat the reviled despot (her grandfather) Samron, and is embellished with seven powerful stones, called “Eyes.”  These Eyes are the key to the power of the Crown. Six of them are each aligned with one, and only one, of the Six Energies.  The seventh Eye gives the owner of the Crown the ability to coordinate the power of the other Six and to wield them all as a single entity.

The whereabouts of the Crown itself and the seven Eyes is currently unknown, but many people have searched for it, and are searching for it now.  I will talk of this more in other messages

beyonderstarThe Eye of Amdrath

This Eye is associated with Emotion Energy; it can only be used by a channel aligned with the Charismatics Guild or who has a strong affinity with Emotion.  A brilliant gold in color, upon close inspection it reveals sinews of deep yellows and luscious, faint oranges.  The colors may change depending on the emotional state of its owner or whoever the owner has targeted, allowing a quick assessment of the emotional state of those around.

beyonderstarThe Eye of Koldep

This is the Eye of Mental Energy, highly desirable to a member of the Mentarch’s Guild or someone who has strong affinity with Mental Energy.  It is a deep, rich blue so sharp and clear that the colors in the world around it pale when this Eye is present.  It can help its owner to “see” pockets of strong Mental Energy which can make the world around them look like a rich and varying sea of blues.

beyonderstarThe Eye of Edet

The Eye of Body Energy is blood red in color.  It is said that, under the right Energetic influence, this stone will physically (though subtly) pulse in sync with the Body Energy around it. The owner senses, on his or her skin, something like the soft, warm touch of other living organisms and can determine the kinds of living beings they are.  This is a valuable artifact for someone from the Somans Guild or who has a strong affinity with Body Energy.

beyonderstarThe Eye of Zanyr

Zanyr is the Eye associated with Physic Energy and the Evokers Guild.  It is a deep, rich purple with swirls of lavender, royal blue, and magenta.  With this Eye the owner can sense the physical world around them in great detail.  It’s as if their physical body has extended itself so that the walls and earth and water and even the air surrounding them are a part of their sensory apparatus.  Movement, even the most subtle kind, resonates through the owner’s physical self.

beyonderstarThe Eye of Darmyn

This is the Eye of Spirit Energy. It is field-green, lustrous, and alive in its hues.  The Eye of Darmyn shows its owner the vitality of living beings within its vicinity.  Healthy creatures (or plants) appear to glow in vigorous greens, browns, and yellows.  Less healthy living things will glow gray or even black.  Given that this Eye aligns with Spirit Energy, it would make a powerful artifact for any member of the Mystics Guild, or a channel with control of Spirit Energy.

beyonderstarThe Eye of Mark

The Eye of Mark aligns with Shadow Energy and it is considered by the Umbrists Guild to be a highly valuable artifact, well worth extensive seeking.  Its markings are shades of gray when the Stone is “at rest” — unused or uncalled — muddy, dark, and deep, with variations of hue and darkness as if many colors of paint had been mixed in the same bowl.  There are tales that this gem can also shine with many other colors when in use — due, at least in part, to the ability of Shadow Energy to unravel and contort the other Energies.

beyonderstarThe Eye of Dey

This Eye is not associated with any one of the Six Energies; rather, it gives access to each of the Six Eyes mentioned above.  With proper attunement, this Eye can find and communicate with each of the other Eyes.  Perhaps more importantly, the Stone of Dey has the ability to link the abilities of each Eye so that they all act as one, which endows the owner of this Eye with great power. The Eye of Dey remains a constant white color, but it will glow more brightly with each other Eye it connects with.


There is more to tell about the Crown of Drawnwyn and the Eyes that give it power.  Soon you will read about the making of the Crown and how it, and the Eyes, have been used in the past.

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