The Good News and the Bad News

Our books will be ready a little later than we had hoped: early next year, not late this year.  We have chosen to go for greater printing quality, which will take a little longer but which we believe is worth the wait.

We are hoping that the Beyonder: Science of the Six, and Imbelnhi’s Bestiary: Being a Traveler’s Account of our Continent and her Creatures will be in our hands in January. (If we sound calm now, that’s because you didn’t hear us wailing, tearing our hair, and gnashing our teeth … but I digress …)

The good news: the reason for the long prep time is that our books have layers and subtleties of design and color that can’t be achieved in just one or two steps. Or is that the bad news? We’re losing track. We are very grateful to 21XDesign for guiding us through this and helping us to keep excellence at the forefront.

We really appreciate your patience!  As always, we’ll keep you posted.

The FNBGames team — Robin McEntire, Jordan Campbell, Simon McEntire, and Caleb McEntire

Judy Schatz, Director of Communications


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