The Ten Races: An Introduction to the Crawn

Although the crawns’ strong affinity with Body Energy makes them able fighters, they can, and do, choose many other kinds of pursuits.  Most crawn love order and discipline in their lives and their societies, and tend to be methodical and cautious in their decision-making.  They are known for their exceptional courage and their willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, or simply for those they love and to whom they are loyal. Their sense of loyalty and order make crawn good companions for explorations and adventures, and good friends generally.

Crawn_Rework_Architecture+copyPhysically, the crawn tend to be six to seven feet tall and lithe, with a scaly, snake-like body and a high serpentine head.  They are strong and dexterous with both weapons and tools.  In addition, they have a vicious bite that can be used in close-quarters combat.

Although not all crawn are warriors or members of a military group, they certainly have a proclivity for it.  Many of the mightiest kingdoms of the Tamarran Continent were formed as the result of conquest by crawn armies.  Their sense of order and discipline are useful not only for conquering lands, but also for retaining and ruling them.  Those who live under crawn rule very often appreciate the stability, abundant food, and safety that come with it.  Several of the largest kingdoms on the continent are ruled by crawn, including the Kingdom of the Szaskar Crawn in the northeast and the Karrin Crawn Lands in the northwest.

Although crawn love dry, arid places, and tend to inhabit the continent’s deserts, they are spread far and wide across all of Tamarra.  There is a crawn presence in every major city and even in some of the farmlands of the north.  The only places where they are unlikely to settle are the mountains of the continent, where it is not easy to make a long, uninterrupted sprint, and the Lochuum Plains in the south, which they find overabundant in vegetation.

Crawn are generally more comfortable as members of a nation or kingdom, where they have a specific role in society.  However, some crawn find themselves unable to live in a larger community, where their sense of order may conflict with the existing laws.  They tend to live an almost hermit-like existence, and are often found in vast deserts such as the Frestehal Plains.

Perhaps the most interesting crawn society is a group called the Szennid, who have developed amazing abilities, using Body Energy to change their appearance.  In this changed state they are able to maintain their natural affinities with Body Energy and physical Talents, while effectively disguising themselves as members of other Races or creatures.  It is extremely difficult to spot a powerful Szennid in disguise:  it requires the highest skills in identifying Body Energy signatures, down to the deepest level.

Stay tuned…we’ll have more about this group, and about other crawn societies, in future blogs!

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