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Summary Report from Dorromee Ado, Grand Scholar, the Six Guilds, Tarnath and member of the Dovvan Section of the Guild Mnemonic Division.  A report to leaders of the Guild Homes throughout the Tamarran Continent.

Given that this organization has no known name, it is not surprising that there is very little known about its origins and that its membership is a closely guarded secret.  It was originally formed in the Kingdom of the Warrior Wembarrem, which is located on the Maharrin Subcontinent, immediately south of the Tamarra Continent proper.   Estimates of the age of the organization vary greatly, but it is believed that it has been around for a number of centuries, at the very least.

Maharrin Subcontinent

The Maharrin Subcontinent

The Unnamed Organization (UO) had a reputation throughout the Subcontinent of being willing to do whatever was asked of it, as long as there was profit involved.  This is not to say that its members were necessarily nefarious; nor is it to say that their intentions were altruistic.  They just believed that anything worth doing was worth getting paid to do, and that anything worth paying someone a lot of money to do, was worth doing.  Even murder.

In the early 4,900s, members of this group made their way north to the Tamarran Continent.  Most accounts say that this journey took place between SP~4,924 and SP~4,930, but the accounts are sketchy, and the Wembarrems are notorious for their poor record-keeping.  They established their first foothold on the Tamarran Continent in the Zweyjen Coastal City-States of the south. Within a decade, they could be found throughout most of the Continent (or to be precise, they could not be found).

During their first few decades on Tamarra, the UO recruited many folks of many kinds. Among their new recruits were a few (very few) Guild members, and a not inconsiderable number of sorcerers.  Having members who understood the Six Energies added a new skill set to their already formidable capabilities for robbery, forgery, assassination, and any other well-paid and illicit activity. In the 4,970’s, shortly after the Third Nulentian Invasion, it is said that many wellyn joined the UO.  The wellyn generally refuse to discuss this turn of events, or even to acknowledge that it happened.  Some do not like the idea that fellow wellyn would join a secret organization; however, it is likely that many believed this to be a vast prank and were concerned that it would supercede their own pranks.

In the last several decades, this highly profitable organization is believed to have  broadened its base to boast a membership of somewhere around 1,000.  It is clear that the UO is the “go to” group for well-placed politicians and business leaders when they need something to be done quietly and professionally.

According to journalists in the larger cities of the Continent, the UO has trained their own colony of blink bats**, enabling members to keep in touch quickly and secretly.  These accounts also suggest that the UO holds a full membership meeting every year or two, at an unknown location on the Tamarran Continent.  The meeting even includes operatives from the Maharrin Subcontinent.  Currently, the most popular rumor* is that the Unnamed Organization is led by none other than Osslin Perranger, the human female who heads up the Charismatics Guild in Tarnath.

In summary, the Unnamed is an Organization of great strength, stealth, and wealth.  It would be wise to give them a wide berth and not ask too many questions.

* With thanks to HH, reporter for the Dovvan Daily News

** Blink bats look like ordinary gray bats, but have the ability to blink out of view and instantly reappear anywhere on the Tamarran Continent.

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