Breathing Planet Saga

Dive into the world of Beyonder with this exciting campaign that will show you the history of the Tamarran continent… by living through it yourself!
When an infestation of the planet Ethem’s Energetic “organs” threatens to wreak havoc on the continent of Tamarra, the players must journey back into the world’s memories of its distant past.
In the first chapter of this saga, players will get to experience the founding of the Guild Energetic Research Coalition (GERC), a continental organization of Energetic scientists and researchers. As the newly-formed coalition launches its first big project — the creation of the unmanned Sojourner probe to explore the planet’s depths — the PCs will need to make sure that they prevent the infection from derailing the attempt and forever altering the course of history.
Print Edition Price: 30 dollars.
PDF Edition Price: 18 dollars.

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