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The Modern Classic Tabletop RPG Changes The Playing Field With Storytelling And Character Building Tools

For Immediate Release: July 18, 2016 Beyonder, the pencil and paper role-playing game test played and acclaimed by gaming societies, including Brown University, Vassar College, and West Chester University, is growing in popularity around the country. With the publishing of the rulebook, “Beyonder: The Science of the Six;” and “Imbelnhi’s Bestiary: Being a Traveler’s Account of Our Continent and Her Creatures;” and the release of an online character builder, RPG novices can now easily create new stories and campaigns alongside seasoned players of the game.

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Beyonder was conceived almost 40 years ago by Robin McEntire, who eventually shared it with his very enthusiastic sons. Eight years ago, Robin, his sons, and a family friend brought FNB Games into being, and Beyonder into the world. Beyonder takes place on the continent of Tamarra, where land, sea, and sky are alive, and navigating the cities and regions of this vast space is vital to survival. The world of Beyonder is made up of Six Energies (Emotion, Mental, Body, Physic, Spirit, and Shadow), and is inhabited by the Ten Races (Human, Crawn, Heolas, Kamari, Dwarf, Wellyn, Zweyjen, Ushen, Ishiri, and Dwaheely).  These Races not only have their own unique history and set of strengths and weaknesses, they also have the ability to manipulate and control any one (or more) of the Six Energies. Energy wielders on Tamarra belong to one of the Six Guilds (Charismatics, Mentarchs, Somans, Evokers, Mystics, and Umbrists), organizations that teach the use of the Six Energies.

The mythical world of Beyonder, rich in history, characters, and culture, underscores the game’s commitment to storytelling. Unlike traditional “hack-and-slash” games, Beyonder players can choose what kind of campaigns to play: they can be combat-oriented, exploration-based, focused on social interactions and the challenges of politicking – or all of the above. The game melds system and setting elements to allow players to engage in the story they want to play.  “We designed Beyonder with strong game mechanics and a rich and deep setting that will appeal to traditional gamers and those new to RPGs — to all people, of all genders and ages, who love stories,” says Robin McEntire, President, FNB Games.

Regardless of the campaign chosen, the starting point for any adventure is the character creation. Using the online character builder, a first-of-its-kind tool, players have access to an almost endless amount of character types. The tool provides four ways to create your chosen race:

  • Off the Rack – Pre-developed characters you can select and use immediately
  • Make your Character with an Adventure (MYCA) – Take a short adventure and the tool will build your character based on the decisions you make during the journey
  • Quick Choice – Choose your character’s basics: Gender, Race, Guild, Organization, and Homeland and you’re done!
  • Custom Make Your Character – Customize your character from scratch by choosing ideal qualities and doing some of the math

New characters can also be formed using the character creation methods described in rulebook “Beyonder: The Science of the Six.” This rulebook has been developed, play-tested, and refined over the last six years to provide players an experience that is both broad and deep. From race and origin to skill, power, and gender, the complexity of character types and ways to impact the game are truly unique. A character with no combat ability can still be powerful and consequential. As part of the broad spectrum of genders that exist, Beyonder includes a race that is completely genderless and asexual, as well as a race whose genders include ‘tree.’  This great variety of attributes gives Beyonder players a wide range of character types, personalities, and scenarios to build their campaign around. It also gives players with varying skills, values, and interests an opportunity to have a powerful impact on the game.

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The Beyonder rulebook “Beyonder: The Science of the Six” is available for purchase in PDF ($18.00) and Hardcopy ($48.00) now at https://fnbgames.com/store/

“Imbelnhi’s Bestiary: Being a Traveler’s Account of Our Continent and Her Creatures,” is available for purchase in PDF ($18.00) and Hardcopy ($58.00) now at https://fnbgames.com/store/

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