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Crawn, one of Tamarra’s Ten Races

Beyonder is an original, low-heroic, pen-and-paper roleplaying game that focuses on melding system and setting elements so that you can best play the story you want to play. In Beyonder, you can choose from any one of The Ten Races on the continent of Tamarra, and equip your character with a variety of mundane skills — from fighting, to knowledge, to stealth, to persuasion. To add even more richness, you can also choose supernatural Energetic Powers for your character based on which of the six of Tamarra’s powerful Guilds you have selected.  To see the Races, creatures, a map of the Continent, and much more, click here.

While we like orcs and elves and halflings, you won’t find them in the world of Beyonder.  Instead, pick from any one of ten choices, including the heolas – genderless desert nomads who are literally born from the stars; the militaristic and serpentine crawn; and the forest-dwelling wellyn, small green creatures who live in the forests and whose culture revolves around the playing of pranks and practical jokes.

Nor will you find paladins, wizards, or rogues.  Players can belong to one or more of six Guilds – one for each of The Six Energies that make up the world. As a Soman, players can heal or hurt with Body Energy; Mentarchs use Mental Energy to read minds and manipulate thoughts; Umbrists wield Shadow Energy to unravel, undo, and defy; or choose from the three other Guilds: Evokers, Mystics, and Charismatics.


Heola, one of Tamarra’s Ten Races

The game takes place on the continent of Tamarra, rich with history, culture, and creatures.  The system aspects of Beyonder have been designed to work seamlessly into the setting.  The setting contains deep opportunities for storytelling, with each locale providing its own quirks and eccentricities, and players can easily make a near-endless stream of characters.

All of these things combine to make Beyonder a game about story, rich in character, action, and depth.

About Us

While we formally incorporated the company of Flying NightBear Games in 2008, we have been playing Beyonder together since three out of the four partners were kids: Robin moderated the game, creating vast fantasy worlds for Caleb, Simon, and Jacob (his sons), and Jordan Campbell (who might as well be his son, after the time we’ve all spent together) to explore. (They are now the partners of Flying NIghtBear games, parent company of Beyonder).

As we continued to play and develop the rules, we realized that we were creating a product that we wanted to share with more than just our friends. In 2013, we decided to publish Beyonder for the rest of the world. We ran a Kickstarter campaign, meeting and surpassing our goal, and published our books:  Beyonder: The Science of the Six, and Imbelnhi’s Bestiary: Being A Traveler’s Account of Our Continent and Her Creatures. They are now sold in stores around the U.S. and Canada via our distributor, Alliance Games, and are also available in hardcopy and PDF at FNBGames.com.

The FNBGames Team

From left: Jordan, Jacob, Simon, Robin, & Caleb

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