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The Sutri Collector’s Postcard

Hello there! I didn’t see you come in. I’m doing quite well, thanks for asking – and you look terrific! Oh…what’s this nifty device I have here? Why, this is nothing less than the Beyonder Builder, a simplify-your-game application the Flying NightLab developed! The Builder helps you create and keep track of new PCs, advance them by spending Essence, and access other Beyonder information.

The Builder looks good, but we consider it in “beta” mode until we’ve had some smart people bang on it for a while.  That’s where you, our intrepid Beyonder followers, come in.  We invite you to help perfect this capability – and maybe win some prizes!

Win Free Stuff: something for you beyond the glory!

  • We’ll send a Collector’s postcard to every one of you who sends us a bug or issue with the Builder* or a suggestion on how to improve the Builder.
  • At the end of July we’ll send a free PDF of our Rulebook and Bestiary to the people who submit 1) the most insightful suggestion* and 2) the most helpful fix-it  
  • At the end of both August and September, we’ll do that again
  • In October we will send a free hardbound copy of both our Rulebook and Bestiary to the two people who made best overall suggestion and best fix-it

Try the Builder: it’s easy to do!

  1. Go to the Flying NightBear Games website and follow the link to the Builder by clicking on the Builder button in the upper left-hand part of the page.  
  2. If you have already registered, log in.  If you haven’t registered, sign up.
  3. Make yourself a new character, or several.
  4. Email us ( that you’ve made some characters, and we’ll give them some Essence — that’s what you need to increase your character’s strength and capabilities.
  5. Now, go to Character Advancement to spend your Essence, and make your Character great!

What’s in the Builder: funny you should ask!

The Builder contains some of our on-line functionality that we think you will find very helpful.  It’s easy to register yourself (or just login if you’ve already registered). You will see a menu that lists the things you can find, and do, including the following:

  • All My Stuff: the things that you own and other things that are helpful
  • My Characters: the Player Characters (PCs) that you have already made
  • For Moderators: helpful things if you want to be a Moderator
  • Abilities: info on Talents and Powers and some other abilities
  • The World: info on things in the world, such as the Ten Races, the Guilds, and more

*Winning entries for the contest for the contest could include: 1. A bug or issue with the Builder (send us a screenshot to show us the error, and tell us what you were doing when the problem occurred);  2. A suggestion of how we can make the Builder better.

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