The best way to get to know Beyonder is to play it.  Feel free to create your own adventures from what you already know about the Continent of Tamarra and the Beyonderverse.  If you prefer having something “out of the box”, then this is the right page.

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Samron’s Ancient Underground Palace: Chapter 1, The Lost Child

This adventure module is designed to be played by new players or new moderators. The story is set in and around the city of Tarnath, one of the three main starting locations for Beyonder adventures.

You will be given the quest of finding a missing child. This will lead you to the ancient Underground Palace of Samron, built almost 1,400 years ago by the Emperor Samron. While in the Underground Palace, you will encounter some friends and some foes – it may not always be easy to tell which is which.

Download the adventure module by clicking on the link below.  NPC Stats are included in the Appendix of this module.

Down: An Adventure in Two and a Half Minutes

“For I am the daemon Annassa, come from the heavens to wreak my vengeance!”

Those are the last words the Evoker – you never found out his real name – driven mad by the sorcery he turned to, screamed at you as he went up in a brilliant white flame, followers watching in terrified awe. The wings he had grown on himself years ago flared brighter than the sun, feathers soaring and bursting as if they had minds of their own.

And then it was darkness.”

That’s how Down begins, and then it gets better.  No spoilers here, so we’ll say no more about what happens.

Down is a great adventure for honing your skills, both your Powers and your Talents, in a fast-pace setting.  We recommend this module for experienced Beyonder players, but it can also be a great way for Beyonder beginners to learn how to wield their abilities when the pressure is on!

The Down module comes with the Adventure module itself plus we include seven pre-made NPCs.  You can choose to download the module plus all NPCs in a single PDF doc, or, if you prefer, you can download each separately.

Download “Down” and all of the NPCs’ Character Sheets:

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