Collectibles from the Beyonder world, each postcard is an illustration on one side and the basic info on the creature on the other. Coming to the Store soon!

Poster of the Ten Races

The Ten Races of the Beyonder world are the core central characters on the Tamarran Continent, and are the ten sentient races you can choose from to make a Beyonder character.  This poster shows the Ten Races standing side-by-side. Coming to the Store soon!

Imbehnhi’s Bestiary: Being a Traveler’s
Account of Our Continent and Her Creatures

Written by an in-game personage — Imbelhni, the zweyjen — and with comments by five famed historians, tacticians, and travelers, the bestiary contains information and game stats for over sixty different creatures for Moderators to use in their games. Click here for more information on Imbelnhi’s Bestiary.