Beyonder is centered on the idea of immersion in a new world, one brought to life through the storytelling of a Moderator, the dynamics of a group of characters, and the imagination of individual players. Great artwork is key to this process. As such, we’d like to thank our fabulous artists for their amazing contribution.

Chris McInnerney

Chris is the artist who got us started with realizing our Beyonder world with wonderful illustrations.  Chris created the illustrations for each of our Ten Races, and has contributed many other pieces to our library of creatures and places in the Beyonder world.

You can see Chris’ portfolio here.

Rob Rey

Rob Rey illustrated many wonderful pieces for Imbelnhi’s Bestiary, including the Whooshenawa, the Martle, and the Poludnica.

More about Rob can be found here.

Jesse Thompson

Jesse is another one of the gifted artists who illustrated many pieces for Imbelnhi’s Bestiary.  He did the dreaded Chikchiks, the magnificent Julka, and the effervescent Temperature Boar among others.

His work can be found many places online including Instagram.

Corey Turner

Imbelnhi’s Bestiary contains a number of pieces from the talented Corey Turner.  He did the Wyrd Bug for us, which truly is wyrd (and weird).  He also illustrated the Ravager, the Clops, and a number of others.

You can find more about Corey here.

Alison Blackwell

Alison Blackwell illustrated a number of pieces for Imbelnhi’s Bestiary (the False Dragon, the Gurv, and the Barch among others) as well as some pieces for the Beyonder Rulebook.

You can find more of Alison’s work here.

Christina Qi

Christina is the artist we worked with for the illustrations for our book, A Little Bit of Beyonder.  She created two wonderful pieces for that book, one of Sally in the house and another of Larv’s laboratory (the goblin who got the whole mess started).

You can find more about her here.

John Kutlu

John created the illustration of the map of the Tamarran Continent (which you can find on our beyonder website here).

You can find his website here.


We are deeply indebted to 21xdesign; Patricia and Dermot and the number of assistants they’ve had working for them (and us) over the years.  They took our raw words for the Beyonder Rulebook, Imbelnhi’s Bestiary, and A Little Bit of Beyonder, and turned them into truly beautiful books that are works of art themselves.

You can find much more about them on their website here.

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