Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is making itself heard across this country –  many voices from many throats, breaking through to demand long-withheld justice. 

As five White game developers, we know it is not our role to be leaders in this movement, but rather to support the people whose lives are directly impacted by racism. We have discussed this as a group, and are struggling with it as we write. Finding that sweet spot of supporting the cause without taking control or making it about ourselves is a hard balance to strike. This is not to say that we can just sit back and wait for someone to tell us how to help.

We at FNB Games want to lift up this movement in every way we can. That requires us to pay attention, to actively help empower change, to educate ourselves, and to scrutinize our hearts.

We invite you to add your voices to the many that are being heard!

The FNBGames parters

The FNBGames partners, left to right: Jordan, Jacob, Simon, Robin, and Caleb

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