Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (entry 11)

Kogu 33, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Fog and icebergs, and now snow!

Fog again! Not as thick as the last two days, but that didn’t help much.

Around mid-day (I think it was mid-day — hard to tell because of — the fog!) we passed through a flotilla of icebergs.

I was standing at the deck railing enjoying a short bit of not-quite-as-foggy weather when it just snapped into view. It was like this mountain of ice lunged at me out of the fog bank. It was three times as tall as the ship, at least, and I think there were some strange creatures moving around on it, like giant, gray slugs. Must have been six feet long. Hard to say, of course. I did hear some loan moaning sounds. I swear these things were talking to each other, and maybe to me.

Just as it was passing out of view I raised my hand and one of those things rose up a bit and, it looked to me like it wiggled back and forth. Then it just disappeared back into the fog like it was never there.

By the end of the day, the weather added snow to the fog. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse.

No sign of the nossring.

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