Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (entry 12)

Kogu 34, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Take a wild guess!

More fog, more icebergs, and more snow!

I’m going crazy with nothing to do. Still no sign of Donnessling and his folk. I went over every bit of the ship I was allowed to see, and a few I was not. I’m starting to worry, and I’m not a worrier, though Bobby would not agree. Why haven’t I heard from him?  Just one more thing to make things complicated.

Got a blink bat today. I thought it was from Bobby, but it was from my editor. Slight change of plans. When I get to Shawmancer (if I ever do get there!) I’ll be met by a reporter from one of the local papers. His name is Chawmer. He’ll provide me with the introductions I need to get things rolling. The paper he works for is called the Partameer Provider. Odd name for a newspaper, but it is Shawmancer Island. I guess they do things their own way.

I saw the Captain today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough because he saw me first and managed to avoid me. I’m sure he’d deny it, but he definitely was. I was going to ask him about Donnessling. I get the feeling he knows more than he lets on about the nossring. I’m not sure why a zweyjen would be involved with nossring. Just one more mystery to add to my list.

If there’s one more day of fog and sleet and icebergs, I’m going to … oh, what am I going to do. Oh, yes, complain to myself. Glad I brought my diary!

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