Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (entry 13)

Kogu 35, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Who’s side is Fweyling on?

Captain Fweyling says we should arrive tomorrow or the next day, depending on the weather. He’s a good ship’s captain. He is a zweyjen, after all, so I would expect nothing less. The zweyjen are definitely the best mariners. Pretty good business folk, too.

Even so, are we lost?  We’ve been stuck in this fog and snow for days now, and I don’t know that we’re going anywhere.  And, the sounds all day, and all night, are just creepy.  Fweyling says not to worry, but I’m no longer paying any attention to him.

No nossring, either. I’ve been looking, too. They might be hiding, but I don’t think even nossring can hide that well on a ship this size.  My gut tells me that Fewyling knows more than he’s saying.  Twice now he’s made excuses about where they were, but both times he was definitely lying.

No blink bats from Bobby for two weeks! Time to get worried … done.

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