Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (Entry 2)

Kogu 17, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Ferren’s Ice Islands Sea

Been reading over some of the books I brought. Should be helpful. Have to keep in mind that my job is just to educate these people. Well, and make a damn good impression! It’s all about the friendly gesture kind of thing. Guild Master Gellin said, “Go and listen, but mainly ‘educate’ them, and maybe they’ll start to listen when we send a real ambassador.”

If they made me a real ambassador instead of an Educator, now that would be a real honor! Not sure I’d want it, though. A lot of listening. That I can do. Not so sure about all the politeness. Gotta practice that a bit. Hey, I’ve got time.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, happy me.

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