Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (entry 8)

Kogu 30, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Different Day, Same Sea, farther north, and a whole lot colder!

Found Donnessling. I was poking around down below decks, and saw him and a few of his kin chasing someone, or something. It looked like they’d all been in a hell of a fight. I could feel the anger in the nossring. I couldn’t tell, though, about the thing being chased. It was wearing a long hooded tunic, and I couldn’t see the face.

I followed them, of course.

When they got to the back of the boat, I thought that would be an end to it, but I was wrong. Whoever, or whatever, was being chased jumped out of a small window into the freezing waters at the back of the ship. The thing was really fast and amazingly agile. I could see that Donnessling and his kin were surprised by its quickness.

The nossring looked out the window and I heard Donnessling say, “So, she had help!”

At this point, I couldn’t help myself, so I scrambled up to look out of the window myself. Donnessling was, how shall I say it … surprised, but not completely surprised.

There was a small sailing boat behind. I could see several hooded figures on it. One of them was the creature who had just escaped the nossring. A different one stood up and, facing the sail, raised his or her arms. The sail immediately billowed out as if hit by a powerful wind, and the boat skipped across the waves, speeding away from us.

The nossring were clearly disappointed. They’d gotten so close to capturing this creature, and then, in an instant, it was out of reach.

When Donnessling turned to me, at first he looked mad. Then he saw my face, and decided not to chew me out.

“This is the creature,” he said with a spit to the side, “that killed my kin!”

One of the other nossring something about the unnamed Organization, and Donnessling nodded. He wouldn’t say more, and they all needed to get back to their cabins, or cabin, and clean their wounds.

Before he walked off, Donnessling promised to meet me tomorrow to answer some of my questions, sternly stressing the ‘some’ in that sentence. We’ll see who wins that one!

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