Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (entry 9)

Kogu 30, SP~4,909, a little bit more

Rhonda Floam

I’m still buzzing, and thinking about the morning’s events, so I decided to calm down by getting some work done on my “lessons”. It seemed to do the trick.

Here’s the outline.

Note to Self: I can’t believe I’m doing this kind of work again — I graduated Naldrin Univeristy two years ago, and I thought I was done with this stuff, but I guess not.

So, here’s the teaching plan for all these Shawmancers-ites (is that a word?).

First things first. I’ll give an intro about the Six Energies. Just review. Everybody on the Continent knows this, though some call them Gods, not Energies. I think I’m about to meet a lot of the former. Follin Twy’s text is a good start; very readable and doesn’t get into the Guilds. A subject I plan to avoid for the most part.

Next, I’ll cover the Ten Races and a couple others like the martles and, after the last few days, probably the nossring. Folk like this. Good stories. Lots of heroics. Some are even true. Korvan Drearey’s, “The Sentient Creatures of the Tamarran Continent, and Others of Note” is pretty dry, but good enough.

Third, I need to get in some basic Continental history. There’s a lot of books on this; way too much, so I’ll just give them the big picture and some pointers.

Last thing, the Council made it clear that I have to teach them about Naldrin City. I expected that, of course (since I’m not an idiot). The problem is talking about only the good things. I brought a copy of “The Cities and Regions of the Tamarran Continent”, by Mallorn Malldorrent. He’s from Tarnath, but still tells it pretty straight. I can embellish a bit more about Naldrin on my own.

[Note to self: It just occurred to me that some guides for travelers could really sell! Tell them what places are like, where to eat, where to sleep. All the good stuff. I wouldn’t mind making some money!]

Well, that’s an outline, and a good day’s work. Two good days’ work. Time for some sleep.

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