Diaries of Rhonda Floam: The Trip to Shawmancer Island (Entry 3)

Kogu 22, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Ferren’s Ice Islands Sea

I’ve been working on the “lessons” I’m going to be giving. The Council wants basic instructions on the history of the world, the Tamarran Continent, and something about current politics (including the war, of course). They also want me to give some general information about how we live life in the “civilized” parts of the Continent.

I have to say, I’m enjoying re-reading the story of the world. The big world, that is. The whole big thing, like all the other Fekxtah you see in the sky. Skeelit told me that these Shawmancer folk don’t even know what a Fekxtah is [Note to self: Skeelit’s a big name in dwaheely historians right now – find a way to get an interview with him on the record!] They think everything out there is just a planet, or a sun, or a moon, or just some kind of floating bunch of junk. They have no idea that these things are alive and are some of the oldest (and biggest) beings in the wide world. I don’t think they even know that the Fekxtah we live on, Ethem, is alive. They think it’s just a hunk of rock and water. This will be the fun stuff to teach, but it’s gonna be a tough audience.

Birthday was a dud. I thought I brought a present to give myself, but couldn’t find it. Must have left it at home. Bobby sent a blink bat, though, with a nice message. He’s a good brother. Hope he’s doing okay.

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