Ethem’s Solar System: Introduction

A Primer on Ethem’s Fexofamilial Community

By Galggado Gaffroto, Ishiri, First Scientist

Guild Energetic Research Collective’s

Division for the Study of Fexofamilial Communities and Geneology (DSFCG)

Oma Rages in the Skies above Ethem


This document is a brief description of what scholars would call the Local Fekxtah Group System of Order (LFGSO). It is the Fekxtah Family of which Ethem is but one member. Others call it Oma’s Family which means that it is focused, and rightly so, on the sun Fekxtah which is at the center. Most folk know it as the Solar System, though in scholarly work that is a less than accurate name.

What is a Fekxtah?

There are some who do not have a clear or accurate (or any) definition of what a Fekxtah is. Simply put Fekxtah are the gigantic entities, beings, that make up the cosmos. They come in many forms. There are, of course, sun Fektah, also known as stars. These are the Fekxtah of fire that often form around themselves a community of other, smaller Fektah such as planets and moons.

But, why do we call them Fekxtah and not simply suns, planets, or moons? That is because these great bodies of the heavens are living beings. Albeit, they are not living in the sense we usually think of, as in the way that I or the readers of this treatise are living. Nor the way in which the creatures in Imbelnhi’s Bestiary are living. Even so, they are indeed living things, but of a kind of life that it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to understand.

The Fekxtah were born during the Second Age of the world. The only thing in the universe that preceded the Fekxtah of the great world were the Four True Elements; namely, Air, Fire, Earth, and Water that were the first things to ever exist, and so comprise the First Age of the World. It was out of these Four True Elements that the Fekxtah were formed. Of the First Age itself, nothing still exists; however, it is accurate to consider ourselves and the worlds in which, and on which, we live to be the direct descendants of the First Age. For context we now live in the Fifth Age of the World, and, within that , our current time period is the Third Era of that Age.

Sadly, I can say no more on this topic here, or I will have said far too much and still not enough. For those who are curious to learn more, the best text to start with is the great book, The History of the Created World.

What is a Fexofamilial Community?

A Fexofamilial Community is quite simple to understand. It is our planet Fekxtah, Ethem, and our sun, named Oma, and all of the other planets and moons that surround Oma and circle it. This is how our Fexofamilial Community, which we shall also refer to as our Solar System is described in the book, The History of the Created World:

Now the Fekxtah were true to themselves and Emptiness pushed them apart.  The Fekxtah became many forms as the Emptiness pushed them away from each other.  The Fekxtah became forms that continue now in the World.  The Fekxtah became the Planets and the Moons and the Stars and the Travelers in the World, and the Emptiness made the void that separates them all.

We in the Guild who study these matters believe that the world is made up of many, perhaps innumerable, Fexofamilial Communities, and quite possibly other things that are beyond our imaginations.

The purpose of this document is intentionally limited. Here we seek only to describe our own Fexofamilial Community, in other words, we will discuss Oma and all of her children.

How to Read this Book

To read this book it will be helpful to understand some of the concepts that we use throughout.


As one might expect, distances within a Fexofamilial Community are far greater than the distance from, say, here in Naldrin City to Tarnath.  While that journey across Tamarra can be measured in hundreds of miles, it would be foolish, and unwieldy, to measure distances between Fekxtah in the same way.  We have therefore created a system of measurement that can be applied to the vast distances among the Fekxtah.

Distances between Fekxtah are measured in units called a “Walker’s Ankle”*, abbreviated as a WA and pronounced WAY.  Each WA is 1 million miles.  As you can see this system is highly useful in describing very large distances.

The Fekxtah planets that comprise our own Fexofamilial Community circle the Fekxtah sun Oma.  They move around Oma in roughly concentric circles, or ellipses, so that each Fekxtah sustains an orbit around Oma at a constant distance.

The distance of each Fekxtah from Oma is outlined in the course of this document in the section that provides the basic information for that Fekxtah.

Fekxtah Stations

Finally, I will mention one of the more fantastic notions included in the ancient books from the heola mayamar. The notion is of a thing called a Fekxtah Station, or often simply as a Fekxstation. These are buildings of some kind that, according to these ancient texts, were built by the Elzheni, and were places to which they could travel from Ethem. They were supposedly used to more closely study each of the Fekxtah on which a station had been constructed. The claim within the ancient pages of the Elzheni books is that the Fekxstations are constructions on the surface of each Fekxtah and allow travel from one Fekxstation to another, and, therefore, from one Fekxtah to another.

There are few scholars who take this seriously, since the idea of traveling such great distances to actually stand on the surface of another of Oma’s Fekxtah is simply too incredible for belief. However, the Elzheni texts make mention of them frequently and so I have decided to include them here to provide the reader with an accurate sense of what these ancient tomes contain. I make no claim as to their actual existence. Most scholars, myself included, consider these Fekxstations to be little more than a “plot device”, a way to titillate the senses and provide a compelling, though fictional, basis for the descriptions of the various Fekxtah included in this work.

With these stipulations now made, we hope the Reader will find this work useful and a good first step in exploring the wondrous world of Oma and her Fexofamilial Family.

*  The Walker’s Ankle is a name derived from the mythical creatures that were said to have lived during the first days of the world, who could travel the vast distances between Fekxtah and even among Fexofamilial Communities in a single stride.  They are known, in common parlance, as simply Walkers.

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