Our Solar System: Oma’s Very Far Fekxtah

Oma’s Very Far Fekxtah

The Disk of Itennin, showing Oma and Her Children

The group of what are called The Very Far Fekxtah are so distant from Oma, and therefore, from our own Ethem, that they could not be detected by any device created by the ancient Elzheni Astronomers. They were also too far to be reached by the machines the Elzheni had created for travel from one Fekxtah planet to another (from one Fekxtah Station to another). Therefore, the ancient Astronomers who explored the Very Far Fekxtah had to travel first to the most distant of the “inner” worlds, the Fekxtah Station on the planet Mammarrell. From that station they could then transport to the Very Far Fekxtah. This worked well for the most part in that it allowed travel to take place. However, because each Fekxtah had its own orbital period around Oma the outer Fekxtah were not always close enough to Mammarrell for transportation to take place. For example, it was often the case that the Fekxtah to which the Elzheni wished to travel, was on the other side of Oma from Mammarrell, or somewhere in its orbit such that the distances between Mammarrell and the destination were too great.

The effect of this was that there were only windows of time when the alignment between Mammarrell and one of the Very Far Fekxtah were close enough for transportation to take place. The Elzheni Astronomers called these windows of time the Positional Transportation Alignment Opportunity (PTAO). A PTAO might be as long as several years or as short as a week, which also meant that the time between PTAOs would vary considerably. Sometimes the Astronomers had to wait for decades for another transportation window to open up.

These alignment challenges were the cause of many tragedies usually because a Fekxtah Station would be left on its own for many years and encountered a problem but no help could arrive in time to assist. We will not, in this document, tell the stories of these many difficulties, and instead refer the reader to the original Elzheni Astronomers’ tomes themselves. Of course, one will need to be well-versed in the ancient Elzheni languages or have access to someone who is. For those who are interested in pursuing one or more of these documents, the preeminent heolas mayamar (library) in Tarnath contains the vast majority of the writings of the ancient Elzheni Astronomers, and that would be a good place to start.

The details of the Very Far Fekxtah are straightforward. They comprise four Fekxtah planets and many smaller worlds as well as countless fragments of stone and ice. These will be described in the pages that follow. As with all other sections of this book, these pages contain only a summary of the information carried in the ancient texts.

We will conclude this overview of the Very Far Fekxtah with a note about the Disk of Itennin. This disk is one of the great artifacts that has come down to our scientists from the previous time of the world, the Second Era of the Fifth Age of the World. During the long years that made up that Era the Elzheni there were many races. It was, after all, the first time in the history of our world that races of creatures came into being, as opposed to individual creatures. Of all the many and various races that occupied this time period, the Elzheni were the greatest of all, and (rightfully) claimed to be Masters of the World. Sadly, their brilliance also led to a level of arrogance that eventually destroyed them and much of the world. That story is told elsewhere.

What is relevant to this short document is that the Disk of Itennin contains great knowledge of Oma and Her Family. The Disk itself is a beautiful thing. It is a circular disk made from various metals and precious stones that is six feet in diameter. Its beauty is sufficient to make it a work of wonder. There are many who want nothing more than to look upon it, sometimes for hours, because even the tiniest portion of the Disk allows the viewer to see much that is hidden to an untrained eye, and even much that is not visible to the eye alone. There are details that can be seen only by Energetic sight that allows one to see details ever smaller, even smaller than we can imagine.

The Sorcerers of Shawmancer Island possessed the Disk of Itennin for the first centuries of this the Third Era of the Fifth Age of the World, and they claimed to have discovered incantations and Words of Power that unlocked many parts of the Disk. I mention this claim for the sake of accuracy, but, of course, any such claims of using “magic” to unlock a physical artifact are simply not credible.

The Disk had a long history of passing from one powerful kingdom to another, but once the Guilds were fully formed and functioning, they rescued it from those who could not appreciate its scientific importance. We, The Guilds of Tamarra have uncovered great amounts of the information stored in this disk, and we believe there is even more that may be found as we continue our methodical work to reveal the secrets of this ancient thing.

We would recommend attending any, or all, of the Guild meetings that update the community on new discoveries.

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