Our Solar System: Yunah

The Fekxtah Station on Yunah with one of Yunah’s moons passing near


Mean Distance from Oma: 1,840 WA

Orbital Period around Oma: 336 years, elliptical, 90 degrees to plane

Mean Diameter: 7,200 miles

Length of day: 63 hours

Gravity: 0.9 Ethems


Yunah’s life ran out many ages ago, and is now no more than a sad remnant of a dead Fekxtah, a lifeless body of rock and stone that is pushed to and fro by the Fekxtah that surround it.

We would forgo the inclusion of Yunah in this document but for two reasons. The first is historical. For many Long Times of the Whole World Yunah was a vibrant Fekxtah planet. According to the Elzheni astronomers, when Oma was still young, Yunah lived closer to Oma where it could absorb the tremendous warmth of its fire. During this time it was a world covered completely in water. No dry lands broke above the great waves that dominated Yunah’s life cycle. The planet-wide ocean was hundreds of miles thick, and in some places the waters reached down into the rocky core of its own self. There was a great abundance of life in Yunah’s ocean. The currents carried vast islands of sea leaves in predictable routes that circled the planet. There were certain places, near the poles of the planet, where islands were overcome by the seas. The masses of vegetation were submerged by ferocious currents and carried deep to the bottom of the water world where they provided nourishment to the tiny creatures that lived in these depths, and there was evidence of a rich, intricate system of life that provided a place for the tiniest of creatures, some too small to be seen, all the way up to behemoths many miles in length that roamed all the reaches of the ocean.

As the Long Times passed, Yunah grew greedy and thought too much of its own power. It gradually moved closer and closer to Oma to bask in its radiance and claim a place as Oma’s First in its Family. At first Oma brought wondrous heat and succor to Yunah, which delighted in the glory of its warm wealth. The vegetation that populated the oceans grew to new heights, extending thick tendrils many miles above the Fekxtah’s watery surface. But there came a time when Yunah became too close to Oma. Its fiery emissions, and the fire daemons who escaped from, or were pushed out of, its body came too quickly and too fiercely to Yunah. Soon the plant life was scorched, and eventually it began to burn. They tried to save themselves by sinking down below the waters but to no avail. As time passed the waters boiled and the plants died. Yunah felt pain as its deep oceans evaporated into the cold, empty space surrounding it. Then the planet Fekxtah saw its peril and it worked mightily to eject itself from its descending orbit and to free itself of Oma’s heat. Alas, though, it took a great time for it to accomplish that feat. It had spent too many eons descending toward its great, fiery mother. As it struggled for release from Oma’s pull, the waters of its world steamed and boiled, and its atmosphere filled with thick clouds but they were not thick enough to protect its oceans.

Eventually, Yunah flung itself away from its great mother Oma, but by then it was too late; all that remained of Yunah was a husk of charred rock and lava that hurtled to the outer parts of Oma’s family. As it flew away it lost its strength and it slowed, and was eventually bound to a new orbit that was determined for it by the Fekxtah that roamed the outer reaches of Oma’s family, and there it sits today.

The second reason for including Yunah in this tome is that even though it no longer lives and it’s orbit is very far from Oma, it holds, according to the ancient texts, the frozen, lifeless remains of one of the early Fekxtah Walkers, the race of creatures that tended the World when it was young, during the Age of the Fekxtah. The Walkers were the shepherds of the Fekxtah. They tended all of the Fekxtah to keep them each in their appropriate place and to stop many of the wars among so that they would not destroy themselves and all that was to come. It is told that the Walkers have the ability to move throughout the Entire World with their ability to step from place in the World to any other place of their choosing. They behave as though there was no restriction in how far they might move in a single step, as if there was no such thing as distance between different places in the world. If it is true that this ancient corpse from the very beginnings of time exists, then its recovery would give us boundless knowledge about the Great World and its Making.

Fekxtah Station #10:

This Fekxtah Station was carved out of one of the many rocky towers that dot the Fekxtah planet. These stone structures are highly stable since they have been in place since Yunah left its near orbit around Oma. The structures were forged by Oma’s fires and fire daemons and the ancient texts say that there are still markings from the many daemons that found a home for some time in the solid, rocky parts of the planet.

The ancient texts say that there is an atmosphere on Yunah, though it is far smaller and less dense than what we are used to here on Ethem. A sect of Elzheni that specialized in the invention of flying objects apparently found Yunah to be a particularly good location for their work. The composition of the stone found here is such that it easily absorbs, and holds onto, Physic Energy. This is no doubt due to the terrible assault of Oma’s fire on the planet. Whatever the cause, the Floating Energicians, as they were called by the Elzheni, were able to construct many stone floating and flying transports. It is said that there were so many that at times they would cover the entire sky.

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