Rhonda Floam’s Diaries: Back to Berimandry

Dollano 20, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Back to Berimandry

My hands are shaking and I can barely write, and only have a few minutes.

Today was unbelievable, literally, and I will try to capture at least some of it here before we move on.

Allalling woke us before dawn. It was pitch dark and I thought it was still the middle of the night. It was close. Just an hour or a bit more before light.

Donnessling and Sheshoffiss gathered us all together, all the nossring and the former inhabitants of Tellin Town. They had something of great import to convey.

Donnessling started by announcing, “It is coming.” Of course everyone looked around because none of us knew what he was talking about. Donnessling looked like he hadn’t slept. I couldn’t tell about Sheshoffiss. Just can’t read the zweyjen, yet.

Then he continued, “Sorry, there is something that holds another Eye, perhaps more than one Eye. Yesterday it heard the Eye of Dey.”

Sheshoffiss added, “The White Stone calls to the others when it is invoked, as it was yesterday against the Begkragk Dwarves.” His head dipped slightly as he continued, “I was not able to stop it from …”, but he was quickly interrupted.

“Whatever it is that holds this Eye, or Eyes, is coming for the others,” Donnessling resumed, and then said, “There is a place in Berimandry that may provide us some safety, but we must move now. There is no time to waste. We believe this other creature holds the Eye of Mark, which is the Eye that is aligned with Shadow Energy, and so it can move quickly.”

A few of the Tellin Town folks came with us. The rest made their way to a small village in the foothills not far south of where we started in the morning.

And, so we went. We’ve been moving across the plain all day, with barely a stop. We ate as we marched.

We made it to Berimandry. Well, almost. We’re in a barn just outside of the city, and we’re all exhausted. Donnessling and Sheshoffiss have gone into the city to find someone who can get us to this sanctuary. Both of them have been tight-lipped about the place, so I don’t know anything about it, other than it’s a place that some sorcerers in Berimandry keep hidden away from the wider world, and it’s got a lot of power. So, they don’t let just anyone go there, but Donnessling was sure they would understand our circumstances, especially since between him and Sheshoffiss, they’re carrying three of these Eye things.

The good news is that the farmer had a couple of blink bats, and kindly offered me use of one of them, so I sent a quick note to Bobby to let him know I’m safe. That’s not quite true, but with any luck it will be in the next few hours. I hope he’s okay, and he replies soon.

Note to Self: What a story this is going to be if I live to file it.

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