Rhonda Floam’s Diaries: Shawmancer Island (entry 17)

Dollano 10, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam


I woke this morning to chaos. Donnessling was gone and so were Begkragk and his dwarves.

Mossessling and Donnessling’s chief lieutenant, Allalling, were in a heated debate. They were unnerved about Donnessling’s absence, but, more than that, they were distressed because he had said nothing to either of them. And, of course, the dwarves were gone. They are notoriously silent when walking over stone, especially stone they knew so well, and they are not always to be trusted, even when they are your ally.

Allalling had sent the other nossring out to search the hallways and tunnels for Donnessling, but none had yet returned.

I approached the two to ask when they had last seen Donnessling. They were surprised at the question, but Mossessling quickly responded that she had been up early and had noticed that his sleeping space was empty and his belongings were undisturbed.

I told them of my exploit the night before. As I finished the story we heard a shout from behind. It came from the direction where Donnessling and Begkragk, and I, had walked only hours before. One of the searchers was making their way back to us, holding up another nossring, helping them walk. It was Donnessling. He had a good deal of blood caked to one side of his head and a bloodied arm. When he saw us he pushed away his help and walked unsteadily toward us.

“Begkragk has betrayed us,” he said between clenched teeth. Allalling sounded a small horn he carried at his side. The sound filled the halls and echoed back to us, as the other nossring came running back to our location.

As everyone returned, Donnessling told his story. When Allalling told him what they had already heard from me, I could see that Donnessling was impressed. I was pleased with that, though, personally, it didn’t matter whether he approved or not. It’s my job, and he should know that by now. In fact, I think he does.

Mossessling tended Donnessling‘s wounds and provided him with a small cake from her supplies. The food and stitches revived him considerably.

By that time everyone had returned from the search and Donnessling gave the word to Allalling that we were leaving, immediately.

I have to say, these guys are amazingly quick, and they packed up in a minute. I was the only one who was still trying to get my things packed, but I quickly got some “help” to speed things up.

Then off we went. We didn’t go back the way we had come from, nor did we head down the corridor that Begkragk and Donnessling took the night before. Allalling led us to a passageway that was mostly hidden among sharp, rough rocks. It contained a rough floor of broken stone, and it was narrow, so progress was slow, but it soon led us in an upward direction.

We began the journey this morning, and at the end of a long march, we came out of the darkness and onto a shelf high in the mountains overlooking the sea. Daylight was well-gone when we arrived here, but it was a cloudless night. I am writing now under that welcoming sky and will tell more of the tale of Begkragk’s betrayal and the Eye of Zanyr tomorrow.

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