Rhonda Floam’s Diaries: Shawmancer Island (entry 3)

Kogu 43, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Settling in (sort of)

The last three days have been so busy, I’ve not had a chance to stop and write a journal entry. So, here at last, and glad of it!

I’ll start with the easy stuff, namely classes. They’re going well. They had so many folk sign up that I had to take on three classes altogether. Lots of work. Students are, generally speaking, good, and if they’re not bright, they seem to be interested. I think a lot of it is just seeing someone from “the south” as they call Naldrin City and anything else on the continent further south of the Ice Island’s Sea.

I’ve been getting help with classes from Eddamma Coomerrit Drallineer. I call him Ed. He seems fine with that. He’s damn smart, and I’m pretty sure he’s a sorcerer. Of course he won’t admit to me. He’s suspicious because I’m from “the south”. I can see it in his eyes, and everyone else I meet. They all know where I’m from and they don’t trust me. At least not yet. Maybe never.

Horrence has been fine. He’s stopped by a couple of times to see how things are going. I’m always trying to get more time. He knows a lot about what goes on here on Shawmancer.

I heard some talk the other day about a battle that’s been going on in Ferren’s Sea (the Ice Islands Sea). Seems to be some kind of troops sent from here, and more from a place called the Rock Islands. They have special ships that look to be made out of some kind of odd timber. When I got up close, though, (before they saw me and hustled me away) it looked like wood, but felt hard as stone! And, the whole frame seemed to be fused together like it was one thing. I don’t know ships, but it wasn’t like the kind I’d seen in “the south”. I’ll try to draw something later if I have a chance.

But back to the battle. Sounds like Shawmancer Islanders are battling some kind of creature that lives on the icebergs that float across Ferren’s Sea. It also sounds like these creatures use the icebergs the way we use ships. They can even travel underneath the waters! I don’t know how anything can survive such cold, but, then, I’m learning a lot on this trip!

The strangest thing, though, and maybe the best, is when I overheard a few of my students talking about the “tall southerners”. Then I heard them say “nossring”. I’m sure of it! When I approached them (very casually I might add), they got tight-lipped and changed the subject, but I’m pretty sure I heard them talk about how the nossring were bringing something very powerful to the folk of Shawmancer Island.

Note to Self: I hereby give myself the task of finding out what that is. Also, I’m going to find Donnessling.

Last thing (saving the best, read that as “most aggravating”) for last. Haven’t heard from Bobby. I’ve sent three bats now, but no answer. I don’t know if I’m more worried or mad. I’ll decide once I hear from him.

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