Rhonda Floam’s Diaries: Shawmancer Island (entry 4)

Kogu 44, SP~4,909

Rhonda Floam

Battles Everywhere!

The Shawmancer’s are now talking about the battles taking place in Ferren’s Ice Islands Sea. I guess they trust me now, or maybe they just figure it doesn’t matter if I know.

Two Shawmancer ships were sunk by the iceships (iceberg ships) of their enemies, creatures they call the Allattan.

I managed to corner Horrence and wouldn’t let him out of his office until he told me what was going on. He said it’s hard to tell an Allattan iceship from an iceberg, so the Shawmancers would often not know they were staring their enemies right in the eyes before they were attacked. He said the leader of the Shawmancer navy was a crawn named Zhessess, who was very good. Horrence has known him for years, and he’s a smart, savvy fighter. According to Horrence this crawn has been using some particular Energetic tools to help in the battle. Horrence wouldn’t say for sure, but it looks like Zhessess has a kind of Physic Harpoon they call an ice mangler. They shoot it into an iceberg and it spins away, drilling itself inside to discover if it really is just an iceberg or if it is an iceship. That should help a lot, but a lot of Shawmancer folk have died already. Horrence got quiet about that. I think he lost someone he knows, so I dropped it.  I’ll try again tomorrow, depending on how he’s doing.

I heard from friends at the Naldrin City News that things are going badly there, too. The Shem Amaum somehow got into the Fifth Tier of the city yesterday. They were savage. Hundreds were killed, many more injured, and they’re still trying to find dozens of folk who have gone missing. Rumors are that the Shem Amaum take “prisoners”, which means to take some alive and eat them later when back in their nest, or whatever you want to call they’re home base. I asked Delvin to find out what’s going on with Bobby. He said he would right away and send a bat once he knew.

I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day, but just a quick note about the educational classes so I don’t forget it. There was a battle there, too. Ed challenged me today, pretty hard. He said that Guild science is a narrow way of looking at the world. He says it misses the mysteries of the world and that the world is, “a much bigger and stranger place than southerners are willing to admit.”

I knew these guys would be a hard sell on basic science.

I like Ed.

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