What’s in Your Travel Sack: More Power(s) than You Can Imagine

You’ll need help from the Mystics Guild (look for this banner)

Most citizens of the Tamarran Continent work, eat, play, and interact with each other in ways very much like our own. Only a very small percentage of the population are born as Channels with the ability to directly control the Six Energies. Unless they live in or near a major city, an average person has little or no access to the technological advances brought about by the Guilds.  

However, even a normal person can gain access to great abilities by using what the Guilds call Energetic Items.  The use of these items can produce a Power similar to that used by a Channel. Since the Power is stored in the item it can be used by anyone, Channel or not.  This means that normal people can use Powers, and that Channels can use Powers that are either beyond their current skill level or are Powers for an Energy in which they have not overcome Barriers.  These Energetic Items are rare and expensive, because they are quite difficult to create and extremely powerful.

If you want to create Energetic Items you’ll need the help of a Mystic, since their control over Spirit Energy allows them to bind the other Energies together.  The Mystic must have specialized training in the crafting of these items. You will need to have someone who can use the Power you wish to imbue into the item. You will also need several expensive components. Be aware that you must expend some Essence in the making of these Items.

An example may help. Let’s say you want to create an Energetic item that gives you the ability to shoot lightning bolts at your adversaries.  First, find yourself a Mystic with the proper Talents and training. If you’re not an Evoker, a Channel of Physic Energy, then find one who has Lightning Bolt (a level 15 Evoker Power).  Once these helping hands are engaged, you’ll need to buy some components parts and spend some of your Essence. Then choose the frequency at which the Energetic Item can be used (either a certain number of times per day or the total number of times it can ever be used) and calculate the level of the item. Be aware that the power of an Energetic Item you create is determined by your “Item Imbuing Total.”  (For further details on the creation process, see p. 149 of Beyonder: The Science of the Six.)

Rumors abound about ways to obtain these costly Energetic Items. Some say that the GERC is doing research on ways to make them cheaper, but stories hint at the need for extremely uncommon materials found only in the most dangerous of places.  Perhaps some powerful Channels could acquire the necessary parts for making Energetic Items at a reasonable price. Although it is quite dangerous to speak of this, it is said that sects of Sorcerers who are able to create their own versions of Energetic Items still survive in hiding, and that the Items they create are far beyond those made by the GERC.  Though some have searched for these sorcerers, especially on Shawmancer Island (in the northern parts of Ferren’s Ice Islands Sea), there is nothing concrete to go on. Rumors aside, if you can get your hands on some Energetic Items you will achieve great things that would otherwise be beyond the normal scope of your abilities.

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